Possum Haw (Ilex decidua)

Possum Haw

Full Sun – part shade,

Soil: Medium moisture,

Height 15-30′ Bloom time Mar – May,

Bloom Color white
Either an understory tree or large shrub, Possum Haws have pale gray twiggy branches with glossy oval leaves that stay dark green through fall before turning yellow. Red-orange berries provide winter color and a good food resource for small mammals and song and gamebirds.

Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis)

Yellow birch tree

Part-shade – Shade, Soil Medium to wet, Height usually 50′ up to 100′.

Taller than most eastern Birches, Yellow Birches provide interest to the landscape. They have curly, translucent golden yellow bark and yellow leaves providing fall color.

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