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Winghaven native plants at Boalsburg Farmers Market

Before becoming a farmer, I have been an artist, a biologist and a mom . But through it all, I have mainly just been a keen observer. Nature has always been my refuge, the place where I can let down my guard, regain strength, even heal. But mostly it is my teacher.

Nature taught me to be still. To listen and watch. And it rewarded me with a world of vivid colors, light, shadows, voices, music, squeaks, buzzes and yes, quacks! Nature taught me about place. I have a responsibility to be grateful for what the land provides and to do the work it expects of me. Nature taught me about service. That as a member of its community, my concern extends beyond the walls of my home to the creation of a greater good that cares for all.

So over the course of some 50 (odd) years, I have seen and heard breathtaking, marvelous, melodious and astonishing things. But I’ve also observed rapid decline in the populations of pollinators and birds and heard their heart-lifting sounds with less and less frequency.
It would be easy and justifiable to become discouraged or even stoic and passively accept the loss as just another thing we have no power to correct. But that would be neither satisfying nor FUN! Besides, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t do everything I could to help these faithful friends. So what began as a half-baked dream became attainable with a “greenhouse for sale” ad on Craigslist, and Winghaven Nursery was hatched!